Family Surnames for Granville County Native Americans

Welcome! The following is a list of surnames of closely related Native American families of Granville County. Please note that all the families are “free people of color”, meaning they were not enslaved and generally not recorded as “white”.

It is these families that most of the content of this blog is about. I have documentation on all of these families, so if you believe you are also researching the same families, please do get in touch.






























15 thoughts on “Family Surnames for Granville County Native Americans

  1. I’m connected to the Guy, taborn, tyler and mayo families by blood and distant marriage. The Saponi Guys believed they were Cherokee by blood but were denied enrollment by the Eastern band and the Taborns can be found among the Lumbee today.


    1. Hi Patrick. Thank you for checking out the blog! I’m also a Guy descendant, so we are related. I will be doing a blog post about the Guys and about the many rejected Cherokee enrollment applications. I’m not a Tyler, Mayo or Taborn but I’m related to them through blood (common ancestors) and marriage.


  2. Yes, we even have a cemetery in Person county that is listed as “colored” in the 1930s, contains the Dickens family who held the title of Clerk of Court….and his wife took over when he passed away. No black person would have held that job, so they were obviously Native American or red (nonwhite).


  3. Im wondering is this Robert Davis, my grandfather he lived in the same area around the same times, and every Floyd on the Plecker Documents were his Grandchildren, its were we received the Family history was from our Robert Davis from this area and time. So the Floyds on the Plecker documents would not be on there if it wasnt for there Robert Davis Grandfather. Im curious can you look at our Robert Davis Grandfather from the same area and time and see if he is our same Robert Davis? Ty very much.


    1. Hi there. It would be helpful if you could leave a comment on the specific blog post you are inquiring about. I assume you’re referring to the Robert Davis that was listed in Col. Eaton’s Granville Co militia list in 1754. It is from this blog post:

      This is what I wrote about Robert Davis:

      “15. Robert Davis (1717 – ?). Robert first appears in the tax lists in the 1750s and enlisted in Eaton’s regiment. His wife is unknown. There were a couple more generations of Davises in Granville after Robert but the family was not large at all and did not leave many descendants. Because of this shortage of information along with no known parentage or siblings for Robert, I’m not sure if he was among the Saponi.”

      I have not researched Robert Davis so I really don’t know much more than what I wrote there. He could be the father of the “free colored” Davises that appear in the Granville Co records after him.


  4. Hello. I am inquiring about the goins/gowens/goings family from your granville county article, as I am researching about my family. I would very much appreciate any information you have on this family. Thank you.


  5. I am researching a Mary Evans who married a John Robinson they are in Granville Co NC in 1774….They have a son named Nathanial Robinson…..they owned land on Sappony Creek. Mary Evans father is Trader Evans….any help would be appreciated….willing to show my descendancy through my the line… goes from here to the Blair line, to the Day line, to the Brown line, to the Collins line, to me…..Thanks Lori.


  6. I would like to compare GEDMATCH kits. I connect 4th cousin to current Lumbee tribe member and while my ancestors are Locklear’s, I cannot find the ancestor link to NC. Mine settled in Shiloh, SC.


  7. Hello, maybe you can help me out …..By the way….Love the knowledge……My Mother was, Iva Mae Richardson, the daughter of William Percy Richardson of Spring Hope NC….I noticed Chavis name on one of the papers….are the related?…..I also wanted to know if you could find any information on her mother, Willa or Willie Mae Braswell, …Our Mother told us her mother passes when she was nine years old, and she had to go live with her father and grandmother who was mean to her, so she went to live with her mother’s side of the family, only to find no relief……..Who were the Braswell’s of NC….My Mother told us of our Cherokee blood…she looked 100% Indian, hair pass her butt, and yes, she went on war paths, lol, having 12 kids, 6 boys, 6 girls…..10 still living……Can you help me find out who and if any of her blood line still exist, please…and thank you….Makeda McGrone


  8. Hi there! I’d like to know if you have any information about Giles Parker’s descendants. My research has led me to a Giles Parker and Ancestry feature that suggests potential parents has indicated Henry and Mahalia as possible parents for my tree. If you do have information about his Giles’s descendants, it would in reference to Malissa Parker and her husband Alex Moss Sr. If I actually am connected to this lineage that would definitely be cool and satisfying to have gone back that far. Thank you!


  9. I am related to Bartlett Hedgepath and his wife Penny Jones. His son Henry had a son name Lincoln who was the father of my grandmother Pearl Hedgepath. Bartlett moved from North Carolina to Indiana with the Harvey family. Some records say his father was Peter Hedgepath, but I would like more ancestral information on Bartlett and Penny Jones.My research has come to a standstill with Bartlett and his wife. I did come across an article which list Betsy, Nancy, and Thomas as his children as well.I would appreciate any other information you have. Thank you


  10. I am so thankful for your blog… understanding the movement of the tribes and their connection to each other is fascinating… I seem to be a descendant if several families on the list … Scott, Stewart’s, Chavis, Brandon, possibly more


  11. Hi,

    I’m connected to the Harris Family from that area. I would like to get more information about the native connection? My research is showing that we were free people of color.


  12. My name is Lewis David Elliott Jr., and I am a 72 year old African American living in Cherry Hill NJ; I am descendent from Nelsen Cousins of North Carolina who was born in 1794 and was a Free Person of Color and married to a person of Native American descent named Julia Cousins-born 1797 (Maiden name Howell). Julia’s parents were Freeman Howell and Susan Brandon both born around 1777. My daughter Sonia Lorraine Elliott has had a DNA test performed by and the results are: 62% Blk. African, 37% European/UK, and 1% Native American. My Grandfather’s name was General Ransom Frederick Cousins-born 1886, my Great Grandfather’s name was Richard Allen Cousins-born 1854 and Richard’s wife’s name was Martha Bell Cousins-born 1857 (Maiden name Tillerson); all born in and residents of North Carolina (all now deceased).

    My Great-Great Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother on my Great Grandfather Richard’s side of the family was Fed (Robert) Cousins-born between 1820 and 1830, and Mary Cousins-born 1829. My Great-Great Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother on my Great Grandmother Martha’s side of the family was Nelsen Cousins-born 1838 (son of Nelsen Cousins discussed above), and Sarah (later called Agnus) Cousins-born 1845 (Maiden Name Tillerson).

    Nelsen Cousins-born in 1794, is documented in the 1870 Census (shown as living with his son Nelsen Cousins and age 77); and in both of Carter G. Woodson’s books: “Free Negro Heads of Families in the United States in 1830” written in 1925 (Pg. 115, also many other Cousins family members included), and “Free Negro Owners of Slaves in the United States in 1830 Together with Absentee Ownership of Slaves in the United States in 1830” (Pg. 25) written in 1924. The Cousins family, of which Nelsen Cousins is a descendent; is documented in Volume 1 of the Fifth Edition of the book written by Paul Heinegg, “Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina From the Colonial Period to About 1820″ (Pg. 356-362, Nelsen on Pg. 362). Henry Louis Gate’s distant ancestor John Redman and the Redman family are also discussed in the Heinegg book. The likely Free White Progenitor of the Cousins family is Elizabeth Cousins born in about 1700 and also discussed in the Heinegg book (Pg. 356). The Elliott family is also discussed in the Heinegg book (Pg. 453-457) and included in the Carter G. Woodson book of Free Negro Heads of Households (Maryland).


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